WPPv2 Benefits and Comparison

The WPPv2 System offers a number of benefits when compared to traditional cabling infrastructures:

  • Reduced cabling costs: By making it possible to run three distinct communications systems across a single Cat.5e data cable the traditional costs involved with independent cabling infrastructures is eliminated.
  • Low profile equipment: WPP Units are self-contained 16x16x4" metal boxes painted ivory white, making them both sturdy and unobtrusive.
  • Increased efficiency for moves/relocations: The WPPv2 system was originally designed to meet the needs of temporary/mobile structures such as construction trailers and portable out-buildings. Because WPPv2 acts as a local consolidation point for equipment the amount of time and labour required to disconnect or reconnect a unit is drastically reduced in comparison to traditional infrastructures.
  • Reduced installation costs/time: Installing a WPPv2 system is as easy as mounting each unit in their respective locations and terminating the required cabling; once this has been completed during the initial installation, no further reconnections or work on these independent devices is required as the only connection that ever needs to be made in the future will be the consolidated Cat.5e uplink. This typically results in a reduced connection time of approximately 40-80%.
  • Reduced system maintenance: WPPv2 Systems offer a wide variety of tools to help make managing and maintaining services easier and more efficient; some of these tools are described in the "Unique System Benefits" section below.
  • Triple protection for relay devices: The relay features of the WPPv2 system were originally designed to be used with alarm contacts; in order to make this as reliable as physical wiring WPPv2 features 3 way fail-safe protection, ensuring that if there is any problem with any component of the system at any time the relays will default to their normal state and trigger the alarm.
  • System versatility: The modular nature and interchangeability of WPPv2 components means that the system is much more versatile and adaptable to situations than traditional cable solutions. Also, because the system utilizes standard connections (relays and ethernet ports) you aren't required to replace all of your existing equipment with proprietary components.
  • Forward compatibility: Because WPPv2 is a connectivity solution rather than an end-to-end proprietary package there's no limit to what equipment, now, and in the future, can be connected across it.

WPPv2 system components are designed with installation simplicity in mind: all units come pre-assembled and ready to be wall mounted. Existing cabling can be connected into WPPv2 units quickly and easily utilizing the system integration terminal blocks contained in each unit.


Unique System Benefits

In addition to the major advantages listed above the WPPv2 system also offers some features that are not available in traditional cabling infrastructures:

  • Enhanced maintenance and troubleshooting tools : The WPPv2 system aims to help reduce the amount of time required to troubleshoot problems on any of the supported networks through it's monitoring and maintenance tools. WPPv2 logging, for example, can be used to keep an accurate time-based record of all relay events that are easily accessible through the WPPv2 Web Interface, allowing you to remotely track and monitor the status of relay devices both in realtime and over a given time period.
  • Integrated Managed Layer 3 Switch : Each WPPv2 Unit contains an integrated VLAN capable Layer 2/3 switch that can be custom configured to support your specific networking requirements. For example, in cases where VOIP is being implemented the WPPv2 network can be setup with two distinct VLANs to prevent voice and data traffic from interfering with each other.
  • Integrated 802.11B/G Wireless : Every WPPv2 Unit also includes a built-in 802.11b/g wireless radio that can be used both for wireless management of the system and transparent wireless access to the data network. Units support the latest WPA2 encryption algorithms to ensure that wireless connections are safe and secure. In scenarios where wireless is not currently desired the radio can also be disabled through the Web Control Interface.
  • Battery back up : Because the WPPv2 Unit is designed to be compatible with alarm panel devices it offers full battery-backup for all three services that it carries, eliminating the need for multiple power redundancy setups.
  • Customizable : The versatility of the WPPv2 system means that if a unique scenario or application arises we can work with you to adapt the system to fit your requirements.

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